Protocols for the crystal light apparatus


With custodianship of the crystal light apparatus comes a responsibility to follow the protocols of the Casa de Dom Inacio de Loyola.  In general, this means using the operating procedures which apply to the crystal beds at the Casa.

  1. 1.The custodian of the crystal bed (ie medium) must not state or imply that they are associated with the Casa, the entities or Medium Joao or are endorsed to treat patients.  However, the medium may say they have received the permission of the entities to operate the crystal bed and that it comes from the Casa. 

  1. 2.While a fee may be charged, it must be modest and reasonable having regard to the local environment.  At the Casa, the fees are: $R20 for 20 minutes; $R40 for 40 minutes and $R60 for 60 minutes. 

  1. 3.Crystal bed treatments must be for 20, 40 or 60 minutes.  A patient may have a total of no more than 100 minutes per day.

  1. 4.The patient must be left alone in the room for the entire treatment (the only exception is where the patient is  child under 5, in which case the parent must remain in the room during the treatment).   

  1. 5.The music played during the treatment must be from the Casa or similar to the music played in the crystal bathhouse at the Casa.

  1. 6.The apparatus must only be set at one of the two options used at the Casa.  Also, for most patients, the slowest light speed is to be used.

  1. 7.The patient must not touch the crystals as this can cause energy problems.

  1. 8.No other healing or energetic methods may be performed on the patient while the crystal bed is being used.  However, the medium may say prayers and/or meditate outside of the room.

  1. 9.It is advisable that the crystal bed healing room is not used for other types of energy work.

Important note:  Occasionally, some mediums will have express permission from the entity to deviate from the above protocols.  In these cases, the medium will readily explain this to you if asked.